Raise the Barre Dance Troupe

What is RTB Dance Troupe?

Raise the Barre Dance Academy will select currently enrolled dancers from our Spring 2019 semester to serve as a performance group for Raise the Barre Dance Academy.

These groups will perform at community events such as Easter in the Park, Hoot n Howl, and Holiday Magic beginning in the fall of 2019. Troupe members will also have the opportunity to attend local conventions to grow their skills and love of dance.

There will be three (3) separate Dance Troupes:

Magical Minis (approx. 1-2 years of dance experience)

Junior Dazzlers (approx. 3-4 years of dance experience)

Senior Sapphires (approx. 5+ years of dance experience)

What Is Required as a Dance Troupe Member?

Dance Troupe members will be held to a slightly higher standard than our recreational dancers. They will be receiving more detailed and engaging instruction and training and will also be challenged with more intricate, age-appropriate, choreography and combinations.

Dance Troupe members will be required to register for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters in order to participate.

Attendance is extremely important for our Dance Troupe members and will be allotted three (3) excused absences per semester.

About Dance Troupe Classes

Dance Troupe classes will meet once a week. Dance Troupe classes will consist of ballet, tap, and jazz instruction. Mini classes will run for one (1) hour each week and junior and senior classes will run for 1 and a half (1.5) hours each week.

A Dress Code will be required every week for class as well as for performances.

Class Dress Code:

Black Leotard

Pink Ballet Tights

Black Jazz Shorts (optional for class but REQUIRED for performances)

Pink Ballet Shoes (split sole for junior and senior troupe)

Tan Tap Shoes

Tan Jazz Shoes

When Will Dance Troupe Members Be Announced?

Selected dancers will receive a special invitation in the mail inviting them to join either the Mini, Junior, or Senior Dance Troupe at the end of May/early June. Invitees must respond to the invitation by July 1st, 2019.

Additional Thoughts:

Raise the Barre is not only looking for natural talent but teachable talent. Please note, our focus and purpose of our Dance Troupe is to highlight the skill, respect, and talent RTB houses. We continue to make every effort to provide each student with a positive dance experience in a safe environment. With that being said, Troupe members are expected to try their best, be respectful, and focus on teamwork and kindness. 


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